Saturday, April 1, 2017

Finding the Right Business Lawyer

For more than 10 years, Jake Posey has guided the Posey Law Firm, PC, in Austin, Texas, as lead attorney. A graduate of Texas A&M University School of Law, attorney Jake Posey focuses on handling governmental affairs and cases related to business law.

For companies just starting out, retaining a lawyer specializing in business law is imperative. Unfortunately, many businesses wait until they are facing legal issues before taking this step. 

During their initial search, business owners must decide whether they want to hire a lawyer from a small firm or a large one. On one hand, larger law firms often have more experience with a wider range of issues than smaller firms; however, they typically have higher hourly rates, and covering the cost of these rates may be difficult for new businesses. Smaller firms are often cheaper, but they may not have the necessary expertise to handle a case properly. To choose between the two, business owners should take into account their company’s budget, as well as the backgrounds of the firm’s individual attorneys.

Ideally, business leaders should find a lawyer who focuses on business law in their company’s given industry. If an attorney does not have any background in the industry, he or she should have professional connections who do. This allows the attorney to obtain the information needed to effectively handle a case. It also prevents businesses from having to find a new lawyer for each new problem.

Finally, business owners need a lawyer who identifies with their overall vision. This ensures that the lawyer will find legal solutions that not only benefit the business, but also fall in line with its message.

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